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Scam broker LimeFx Review

I earned real big money by trading with this broker. They seem to know what to do and are well-experienced in the forex industry. I had a really fun and productive experience trading with this broker.

However, hundreds of brokers may lure you into scams without your realizing it. Luckily, to help you, you have our team by your side. All in all, investing your funds with this brokerage is equal to putting all on roulette. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines also gave us It’s an attempt of a boutique broker, asking customers for an initial deposit of $2,500 but providing nothing. The list goes to, another offshore broker registered in Belize.

Fast and easy withdrawals and good customer service. They outperform most of the big broker company. Friendliest and most accommodating customer service among brokers I have traded with. Superb forex broker. In an industry where there are so many negative experiences, we have to carefully choose who to trade with.

Overall performance of this broker is excellent. I notice slippage however it is very minimal and got very minimal losses as well. I am still getting great profits and I am happy with the services. Excellent broker signals and good services. Happy to recommend it. Good trading company for online trading.

Find out how we combat fake reviews. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. You can trade both crypto and CFDs with this firm, but we don’t recommend it. Note that LimeFx’s minimum deposit is exceptionally high, with the broker requiring $1,000 to start trading.

Personal Reviews

A look at the list of regulators is recommended before any financial commitment to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of LimeFx fraud. Excellent customer service and broker advice. I am very happy with how the brokers and account managers assist me. They are very friendly and eager to help.

LimeFx scam

Don’t let any unlicensed firm defraud you and vanish. Ensure that you’re up to date with all the market warnings and that you invest your funds only with regulated firms. I am more than happy to leave LimeFx review, very good feedback. All transactions here are smooth and quick including withdrawals. Brokers here have forex trading as their expertise. Admirable forex broker.

Good thing I traded with this broker, I had good returns. I had fun trading with this broker. I get good trading returns and I am dealing with good people. Glad to trade with an awesome broker. They always come up with sound judgment in terms of market forecast.


Broker LimeFx requires you to deposit a minimum of $1,000 to start trading. Read our complete LimeFx review and you will see why this broker is exactly as described. There are more steps you should take to protect yourself from scams. Receive new and updated warnings in a daily email. We’re hosting events to help firms prepare for the new rules.

One of the best trading broker with excellent services.I am fully satisfied so far and I am happy with my profit. I like the trading platform as well as the services from this broker. I am happy to recommend it. MetaTrader has always been a robust online trading platform for any type of currency and foreign exchange markets.

Great service. They are still very effective. In fact, I get very minimal losses and great profits from these broker signals. Transparent transactions. I see transparency on all trades, prices and even market trends. I can do trust this broker and I can count on their signals.

And my account manager is experianced every trade with small ammount got good return. Thanks to ronald who is guiding me right way . They are just scam your money and they are not professional, they take advantage of you if you’re new to trading. Dealing with financial firms that are authorised or registered by us gives you greater protection if things go wrong. Check the Financial Services Registerto ensure they are authorised or registered.

I am lucky to have them as my trading broker. They have been very responsive in helping me gain good profit. The satisfied trader here. Withdrawal is always fast and signals are all the time profitable.

LimeFx scam

I am happy to leave a comment and let everyone know that this is one of the best forex brokers. The company was just new but they deliver really awesome trading results. The best forex trading coach I have ever used.

Can I get help getting my money back from

Been using this broker for a month only but my impression are on the services is really great. Hope this continues. Happy with the services, overall. Traders should dwell on whether they can afford to take all the involved risks. In conclusion, LimeFx is anything but disappointing.

This broker defines excellence very well. I am speaking based on the experience and profit I get. They’re one of the best. One of the best among the brokers I have traded with. Signals are really amazing.

  • I have no regrets about dealing with this broker.
  • Outstanding broker for forex trading.
  • Happy to recommend it.
  • Swift withdrawals and worthwhile trading results.
  • Been using this broker for a month only but my impression are on the services is really great.
  • A look at the list of regulators is recommended before any financial commitment to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of LimeFx fraud.

The brand is owned by Delta Nomines Ltd but has no regulation offshore or in the Tier1 zone. A typical example of a bogus unlicensed scammer is The website was registered in 2021 under the name Green Waves Ltd, but the firm is nowhere to be found.

AxisCapital Broker Scam

It has so many great features that are truly helpful in organizing portfolios and in placing trades. Fast execution, perfect customer service, very high-quality trading software. I am amazed and fully satisfied with this broker service. I am getting good trading advice and good trading services from this broker. Happily trading with them for about six months and will surely recommend it. I have no regrets about dealing with this broker.

Sign up to hear about these and related communications. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits.

Profitable and very cost-effective. Good and reliable service. Very professional in dealing with me. Signals are profitable and best of all you can depend on their services.

LimeFx Review – This Is Why Is a Scam

This is an awesome broker service. They are very dedicated to looking for possibilities of getting good trades. They treat all concerns with high importance scammed by limefx and I feel valued as a trader. I am overall satisfied with this broker service. I am using their services for a few years now and I never had any problem.

Good broker to deal with. Friendliest and most accomodating customer service among brokers I have trade with. Good partner for traders like me.

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