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Mason, Captains Longe, Gay, or other Officers of your East Norfolk Soldiers, &c

Mason, Captains Longe, Gay, or other Officers of your East Norfolk Soldiers, &c

Get 26th.-The water Works got exposed, and also in the night 80 gentlemen dined during the Town Hallway, within the presidency of one’s Mayor (C. J. Palmer, Esq.), who was supported by Sir E. H. K. Lacon, Yards.P., and you can Lieut.-Col. Mason.

Mr. F. Maryson and you can Mr. D. D. Offord, brand new candidates towards the blog post out of Librarian, that have per gotten 27 ballots, the newest Mayor provided his casting choose in favour of Mr. Offord, who was therefore chose to the blog post.

Get 30th.-The initial stone of your Wesleyan Totally free Chapel, into the Regent Road, was placed from the S. C. Marsh, Esq.

Mr. Stracey (after Sir Edward Stracey, Bart.), the new Tory applicant for East Norfolk had visited the city. (He was came back, on this occasion, in the place of opposition.)

July 21st.-On Regatta the second prizes was indeed considering to have luggers:-?50, ?20, and you can ?ten, there was in fact ten records; in satisfy the “Race-horse” (Mr. I. Shuckford) is run down from the “Water Star” (Smith and you may Young buck). Their own crew was saved by yawls “King Victoria” and you can “Simple,” nevertheless learn of lugger (Lark) got a couple of their ribs broken. The fresh “Brothers” (T. Lettis, jun.) won the initial honor, the “Henry” (H. Swann, jun.) additionally the “Prima Donna” (J. Minns) using the almost every other a few prizes. The brand new yawl honors just weren’t issued.

Lacon, Bart

“The fresh new defendant, John Eagleton, a beneficial baker, in the Yarmouth, that has contracted toward Guardians out-of Yarmouth to offer the brand new bad that have cash, is actually attempted up until the Recorder, N. Palmer, Esq., in the Quarter Sessions from inside the February, 1854, abreast of an enthusiastic indictment battery charging him, on the seven p. 203 earliest counts, with an offence during the common law, within the fraudulently supplying the terrible which have bread out-of brief weight; and, regarding the around three history matters, that have attempting to see percentage throughout the Guardians, from the wrongly pretending that he had given full weight. He was found guilty from the jury, however the Recorder kepted an incident towards the viewpoint of the Court out of Violent Attract, about what proprietory of the belief during the part regarding laws. To the earliest disagreement into April 29th, 1854, prior to Pollock, C.B., Parke, B., Creswell, J., and you may Williams, J., your situation are called to the brand new Recorder, for him to state the entire research considering at the trial, which he performed consequently, plus the case, due to the fact re-mentioned, was, towards the following the third of pbell, C. J., Alderson, B., Coleridge, J., Martin, B., and you will Crowder, J., and additionally they, which have doubts about what proprietory of conviction, desired the scenario becoming debated until the fifteen evaluator, and on another December, 1854, it absolutely was contended ahead of Jervis, C. J., Pollock, C. B., Parke, B., Maule, J., Wightman, J., Erle, J., Platt, B., Martin, B., and you will Crompton, J., and you may once more for the third from March past, just before Jervis, C. J., Parke, B., Maule, J., Wightman, J., Creswell, J., Erle, J., Platt, B., Williams, critical hyperlink J., Martin, B., and you may Crompton, J.-Mr. Bulwer starred in service of the belief, and you may Mr. Bodkin, Mr. J. H. Mills on the behalf of new Defendant. This new Evaluator grabbed time for you imagine, and on July the fresh new 9th, Mr. Baron Parke delivered its judgment, affirming new conviction to the past around three counts. The fresh offender usually, thus, must arrive until the Recorder within next Oct Lessons to get view.”

Clerk, and you will Mr

July 25th.-One hundred and thirty women’s and you can men got went to the newest Regatta Basketball within Town Hall, certainly whom was-this new Gran and you will Mrs. Palmer, Lord Hastings, Sir E. H. K. , Meters.P., Lieut.-Col. Howlett’s band went to, and you can dancing is actually kept until 4.31.

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