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Her the fresh homeworld are a violent land, ruled from the warlords and you will wracked of the constant raids of Weequay pirate rings

Her the fresh homeworld are a violent land, ruled from the warlords and you will wracked of the constant raids of Weequay pirate rings

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Ventress is actually seriously hurt of the loss of their particular newfound family unit members thereby got in order to wandering the new universe interested in a goal, sooner or later looking at bounty search, and finding a great way of measuring victory in the market. So it works pressed their particular to look at a number of unanticipated associations-she rescued Obi-Wan Kenobi regarding the clutches of former Sith Lord Maul and Savage Opress, who had has just apprenticed themselves to help you his renegade Sith sister-and has worked close to Skywalker’s apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, when Tano try falsely accused out of bombing the new Jedi Forehead.

When Ventress was six years of age, within the 49 BBY, Hal’Sted is paina tГ¤tГ¤ linkkiГ¤ nyt murdered during a pirate uprising, making Ventress-however a youngster-orphaned within the attack. She discovered their master’s body and you can grieved more than their particular loss, however, became distracted from the coming away from Ky Narec, an effective Jedi Knight who have been stranded on Rattatak and you will solved to fight brand new pirate risk. As he also was attacked by the good Weequay, Ventress contacted previously untapped Push capability to put this new pirate to the air and round the multiple house. Acknowledging their potential regarding Push, Narec grabbed the little one on the his care and attention and made their particular their Jedi Padawan. Not familiar to their at that time, Narec ended up being the person who killed Hal’Sted, not the fresh new pirates.

Just like the a leading-positions administrator about Separatist military, Ventress upcoming fought on Confederacy towards the battlefields of your galaxy-comprising Clone Wars as a result of its birth. Their violence and you will ruthlessness inside battle up against the clone armies away from the fresh new Republic and Jedi Acquisition gained their own an effective fearsome reputation. Early in the battle, she fought to your front traces away from a major competition facing brand new Republic forces under the command from Jedi Master Tholme. The new Confederacy had broadly won the event, however in a final high skirmish, Ventress involved Tholme for the private treat and easily overrun the brand new Jedi, disarming your and pushing a stop trying. Overlooking Dooku’s demand you to definitely she free Tholme’s lifestyle, this new Ebony Acolyte advertised earn because of the performing him with the battlefield. She later on brought new Jedi Master’s lightsaber on the number as a great trophy.

Ventress left the remainder of the fight in the possession of off Standard Loathsom, who had been ordered so you’re able to february to your urban area and keep maintaining the new Jedi filled when you are she carried out the next part of her Masters’ plan: the new kidnapping of Rotta, young man of Jabba the latest Hutt. Ventress journeyed to Jabba’s throneworld of Tatooine into the an excellent Trident-classification physical violence ship and you can hunted on the younger Huttlet. She ambushed Rotta’s cruise barge and its particular escort skiffs on the wilderness, ruining one of many skiffs in advance of abducting the new barge. Having Rotta during the pull, she fled with the abandoned B’omarr Acquisition Monastery for the Teth inside the Wild Area, far from the leading traces of your war. Reports out of Rotta’s kidnapping at the hands of “renegades” bequeath rapidly due to the fact Jabba rented bounty hunters so you can access their kin and you can attained out to the fresh new Republic Senate and you will Jedi Council to own help in exchange to have obvious passage by way of Hutt Place. On Teth, Ventress secured Rotta regarding the monastery dungeons ahead of calling Number Dooku and you may Lord Sidious, which praised their work. Dooku questioned Ventress to protect the infant however, let the inevitable Republic rescue force locate and you can grab him; the new number called for footage of one’s Jedi towards the Huttlet so you can deceive Jabba towards convinced that this new Jedi was basically behind the newest kidnapping.

She is actually met with dissatisfaction and you can veiled threats from their unique Learn, who was however for the Tatooine attempting to parley which have Jabba. If you find yourself Dooku reminded their own of stakes of their conspiracy, she try distracted because of the arrival from Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was top new Republic reinforcements. Ventress retreated towards the an antechamber throughout the monastery, luring Kenobi for the a single-on-that competition about dark. In the event she lurked from the higher is at of your monastery for a time, Kenobi’s prodding and you can taunting sooner or later received her right down to engage brand new Jedi into a level profession. The new duel spotted both combatants benefit from the virtue for a time, but sooner or later Kenobi discover command of one’s dispute as he contributed the newest dark-front side apprentice in order to good catwalk away from monastery. It had been here which they each other felt from Force one to Skywalker and you will Tano got escaped Teth for the Huttlet, signifying their mission’s failure. Regardless of if she attempted to keep brand new assault, Ventress try disarmed of a single regarding their unique lightsabers and compelled to sanctuary up to speed an effective Vulture-class droid starfighter.

Also with no knowledge of the results of your event, Katuunko produced their choice and you may called Dooku to help you refuse his give, stating one to Ventress neglected the new regards to its package and you may refuted to give Yoda a fair endeavor. This new number wouldn’t enable it to be Toydaria to-fall to your Republic, very ordered his apprentice so you can kill the queen to make method for a pro-Separatist monarch. She nearly succeeded about activity, however, their unique lightsaber knives was stopped mid-struck from the Learn Yoda’s telekinetic intervention. This new Jedi threw Ventress as well as taunted their Push prowess, overtaking their particular lightsabers out-of their and suggesting stop. Yoda greeting their for taking her weapons straight back, but Ventress denied call it quits and you can as an alternative detonated bombs she had rooted close Katuunko’s starship on ridge above. The explosion and you can dropping rubble sidetracked the latest Jedi and his awesome clones, providing the black-front apprentice an opportunity to escape on board their Punworcca 116-group interstellar sloop. Dooku is actually upset in his assassin and create an effective grudge facing Katuunko inside white of one’s mission’s inability.

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“Dooku. He betrayed myself.””I know. I’d wished you would stay on course so you’re able to us fundamentally.” ?Ventress and Mommy Talzin

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