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Board Software Support

Board software supports the governance team of the company manage meeting agendas for the board. It offers a secure environment that allows central storage of all Board documents. It also facilitates the preparation of meetings prior to the meeting, such as Board pack reviews and post-meeting document approval. It also supports meeting minute recording, electronic signatures, and online voting tools to increase collaboration and organizational efficiency.

It is designed to increase productivity and drive efficiency, helping not-for-profit (NFP) boards as they work to accomplish their goals. It can also assist private Boards make critical decisions by improving the security of their organisation with features such as version and access controls automated record-keeping, and advanced cyber protection.

The best board portals are easy to use, with a customizable newsfeed that lists scheduled meetings and allows board members to read meeting materials, polls, scheduled tasks and more in real-time. This allows board members to arrive at meetings ready and focused in order to make decisions that move the company forward.

It’s also important to choose a solution that is easy for IT teams to use without the need for expensive hardware and training. Modern technology is designed with the IT department in mind. They include automatic updates that require no installation or downtime. IT teams can concentrate on other projects of high priority without worrying that they will have to manage the latest technology. A well-established support team is also crucial, with live chat and a comprehensive knowledge base that includes lots of useful explainer guides.

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