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Productive Online Board Meetings

Board meetings that produce results depend on several elements such as an agenda that is well-planned, clear communication protocols, as well as reliable technology. Boards that implement best practices can still achieve high levels of efficiency despite these obstacles.

Begin your meeting by having an open discussion. You can energize discussions by asking questions that inspire participants to share their thoughts. A polling or survey tool at the start of your meeting may valuable virtual data rooms help you pinpoint areas for improvement.

Reduce the time you spend on reports and other “must-do” items. You’ll lose attendees’ attention and focus if you overburden them with lengthy reports. As a rule of thumb you should not devote more than 25 percent of your time on these kinds of discussions. This will leave plenty of room to discuss on more strategic topics.

Be sure that your meetings are enjoyable for everyone that attends. Utilize the Boardable platform as an opportunity to encourage participation and create an inviting atmosphere for all attendees. Encourage board members to be punctual at meetings and to follow the rules of meeting conduct and to maintain a a high degree of professionalism.

For a productive online board meeting, board members must be aware of their roles within the organization and how it affects other members. Boardable’s Minutes Maker and Task Manager make it easy for members to modify their roles during meetings and stay informed about developments and issues. This fosters collaboration and creates an efficient and dynamic online meeting.

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