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The existing Marathi periodicals, even in the event not simply that which we you certainly will wish to, in general exert a good salutary influence

The existing Marathi periodicals, even in the event not simply that which we you certainly will wish to, in general exert a good salutary influence

Hume have faithful a lot of their own some compatibilidad masculina americana y femenina croata time and strength, helped by the a deserving and you may pious female, provides numbered twenty-four boarding pupils, in addition to several date scholars

113 1854.] BOM BAY. 113 the objective of opposite and you can reviling Christianity ; however these have the ability to had an initial-stayed life. T hello are doing much so you’re able to diffuse useful information, and to destroy depend on in common superstitions. C H U R C H Roentgen E L IG IO You S Yards E Elizabeth T Inside the Grams S S C H O-o L S. T w o people was indeed admitted on the goal chapel through the the season towards career, you to definitely the latest spouse out-of an indigenous Christian of Ahmednuggur, plus the most other a young people, in addition to regarding Ahmednuggur. That female affiliate has been excluded, and another suspended. T h elizabeth quantity of professionals is twenty-four. Five babies was basically baptized within the 12 months. The coaches and you can cutting-edge students of the vernacular schools meet on the chapel for spiritual knowledge in the seven o clock for every Sabbath morning. T he principal Marathi service, usually went to by the regarding 200 individuals, try held an hour or so after ; and there is a keen English solution, from which in the forty persons are often introduce, within five on mid-day. T he month-to-month concert in the Marathi is seen by the native missionary area for the very first Monday of each few days ; in addition to native brethren inhabit a considerable part of the date. T he amount collected at this concert inside the year is about 50-several bucks. In the evening of the identical date the show is seen into the English, about the this new missionaries of one’s Totally free Church of Scotland while others. To your Thursday nights a public prayer meeting is stored on the church, which has been proceeded rather than intermission for quite some time, and that is w ell went to. There are even a great many other per week attributes. Mrs. Hume features a few meetings from inside the few days having females, where they appear far interested, and one plus to the pupils, which is went to because of the a sizeable amount. Three-day schools getting boys, and you will around three to have girls, was in fact suffered, the previous superintended by the a sensible indigenous aunt, therefore the second because of the an incredibly intelligent and you may advanced Religious woman, just who devotes most of their unique time for you to giving religious tuition to the children. The feminine boarding university, to which Mrs. The brand new true blessing away from Jesus might have been manifestly on it, says the’report, and you may an excellent goodly quantity of their inmates has, sporadically, already been introduced, as we faith, in order to a rescuing experience in the outcome. expose about three of the big girls was people in the newest chapel.


114 114 BOMBAY. [Statement, C O L p O Roentgen T A grams Elizabeth T H Age P Roentgen E S S C O N C L U S IO Letter. T h e Scriptures and you may spiritual tracts are still released extensively because of the deals. You to definitely colporter has just ran in the 500 and you can 50 miles for the the inside of the country, and you will brought back more than eighty rupees, new avails regarding Christian tracts and you may books offered into the natives. A separate ran southern as far as Goa, over 3 hundred miles, and you can brought back eightyeight rupees. In many cases, people buy this type of guides by amounts, at the smaller prices, and merchandising them by themselves account. Sellers off heathen products will get provides regarding Christian tracts inside by doing this, to market because of their individual earnings. Often almost the complete stock-in-trade consists of this new prettily got up Christian guides of goal press. T he proven fact that cash is covered these types of e-books, means that you will find a desire for them ; as well as the career to have region functions in Western Asia generally seems to feel especially interesting. During the seasons, a changed and you will consistent edition of one’s ent could have been accomplished towards the Bombay Bible Society. From the. Dr. Allen are the principal publisher. While the the guy left India, one of several missionaries of the Chapel Missionary Neighborhood features given their put, Mr. Hume with refused this particular service. You to thousand duplicates associated with really works was indeed printed to the people of the objective push inside the a regal octavo volume of 398 users, and you will five hundred duplicates from inside the quarto. T the guy whole number of printing into the seasons was ten,838,794 users, from which step 1,362,000 users was basically of Scriptures; and you can 4,215,five hundred profiles was in fact spiritual tracts. Whole amount of users from the beginning was 135,719,747. T h e mission periodical, brand new Dnyanodaya, that is nonetheless published once in 2 days, and has now a flow almost equivalent to regarding every most other Marathi records come up with, is believed having exerted an effective and you may pleased determine. Because there isn’t any mission printer ink on Bombay, Mr. Fairbank are limited, against his inclinations, to help you devote the majority of their time for you secular labors linked to this new drive ; in addition to missionaries urge the necessity of sending a good printer ink, and also a special preacher to strengthen the latest mission. T h ey become it to be peculiarly-important, in view of wants of your female boarding school and most other schools, and of the female members of the newest church although some so much more otherwise shorter about this new objective, and also in view of the newest community of the nation as well as the general sentiment of those, that they shouldn’t be without more feminine helpers. Mrs. Hume grew to become the sole woman linked to the brand new purpose ; and also the state regarding her health is really concerning promote they very important one to she might be relieved for some time. She’s got stayed

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