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Streamline Your Board Document Management

Streamline Your Board Document Management

You manage a range of sensitive documents daily and many of them are required to be used for the strategic direction of your company. It is essential that these documents are organized and easy to locate and accessible by multiple parties. With a central digital board document center access is granted only to authorized users, and all of the data remains securely stored and archived in a single location. This allows your team to save the hassle of sifting through piles of papers or scouring endlessly through shared drives.

In addition, a digital boardroom can also provide your business with a powerful search feature that allows you to locate any kind of information quickly. If your board members are able to quickly and easily access all the essential documents they require to conduct meetings, they are better in their ability to make informed decisions and improve governance.

Board administration can be a time-consuming task. It is also difficult to keep track of all agenda items, documents and other information that are associated with each meeting. It can be a challenge to manage and communicate with colleagues especially when the meeting is taking place across different locations.

When choosing a web-based portal for your board pick a company that provides a simple and automated process that meets the requirements of your executive committee. The best solutions have visual calendars that show forthcoming meetings. They also allow for quick uploading of files and include tools to keep engagement high. Also, be sure to check the quality and extent of the vendor’s customer service.

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