Biologi Dasar UI



    • Course Overview:

    the basic concepts of biology in a comprehensive manner and link the basic concepts of biology with other sciences, especially sciences in the same field such as chemistry, physics and mathematics, explain Indonesian biodiversity and its conservation efforts, explain the important role of humans as environmental managers, develop cooperative behavior and teamwork in solving problems especially those related to the environment, develop honest, independent, and creative behavior.

    • Daftar Topik:
      • Teori Kehidupan
      • Sel
      • Genetika
      • Hewan
      • Tumbuhan
      • Ekologi
    • Daftar Sub Topik:

    Basic concepts of biology including the characteristics of life, cell biology, heredity, evolution, diversity of living things, animal structures and functions, plant structures and functions, Indonesian biodiversity, and human interaction with other living things and the environment, ecological principles, conservation, biotechnology.

Informasi Tambahan


Jadetabek, Bandung dan Lainnya


Universitas, Universitas Tingkat Atas

Class Type

Regular, International Class

Private / Group Total Member

1 (Private), 2 (Group), 3 (Group), 4 (Group), 5 (Group), 6 (Group), 7 (Group), 8 (Group), 9 (Group), 10 (Group), 11 (Group), 12 (Group), 13 (Group), 14 (Group), 15 (Group)


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