Fisika Dasar Semester 2 (MIPA) UI



  • Course Overview:

After completing this course, when faced with basic physics problems in the fields of mechanics, vibrations, and simple and well-defined thermodynamics, first-year students of the first semester are able to apply the principles and concepts of mechanics, vibrations, and thermodynamics to formulate solutions.

  • Daftar Topik:

Units, Magnitudes and Vectors, Motion along a Straight Line, Motion in Two and Three Dimensions, Newton’s Law of Motion, Newton’s Law Applications, Work and Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy, Momentum, Impulses and Collisions, Rotation of Firm Objects, Dynamics of Rotational Motion, Oscillatory motion: simple and damped harmonic motion, Balance and Elasticity, Gravity, Fluid Mechanics, Temperature, Heat, Gas Kinetic Theory, First Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Engines, Entropy, and Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Informasi Tambahan


Jadetabek, Bandung dan Lainnya


Universitas, Universitas Tingkat Atas

Class Type

Regular, International Class

Private / Group Total Member

1 (Private), 2 (Group), 3 (Group), 4 (Group), 5 (Group), 6 (Group), 7 (Group), 8 (Group), 9 (Group), 10 (Group), 11 (Group), 12 (Group), 13 (Group), 14 (Group), 15 (Group)


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