Kalkulus 1 Semester 1 (Teknik) UI



  • Course Overview:

This subject gives the opportunity for students to understand the basic concept of cal- culus and to be able to solve applied calculus problems. Students are also given the opportunity to understand basic concepts the functions of one variable, derivatives and integral functions of one variable, and its application.

  • Daftar Topik:
    • Introduction: Real Number Systems, Inequalities and absolute prices; One Variable
    • Function: Definitions and Types of functions, Graphs (Cartesian, polar, parameter), Operations on Functions
    • Limits: Definitions and Theorems of Limits, Continuity
    • Derivatives of Functions: Definitions, Geometric Meaning, Derivative Formulas, Chain Rules, Higher Order Derivatives, Implicit Derivatives
    • Applications of Derivatives: Maximum and Minimum, Mean value theorem
    • Integral: Definition, Indefinite and definite integrals, Basic theorem of calculus, Basic properties of integrals
    • Integral Applications: Area and Volume of Rotating Object
    • Transcendent and Inverse Functions: Logarithmic Functions, Exponential, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Integration Techniques: Substitution Techniques, Partial Integral, Trigonometric integrals, Rationalizing substitution, Integrals of Rational Functions.

Informasi Tambahan


Jadetabek, Bandung dan Lainnya


Universitas, Universitas Tingkat Atas

Class Type

Regular, International Class

Private / Group Total Member

1 (Private), 2 (Group), 3 (Group), 4 (Group), 5 (Group), 6 (Group), 7 (Group), 8 (Group), 9 (Group), 10 (Group), 11 (Group), 12 (Group), 13 (Group), 14 (Group), 15 (Group)


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