Matematika Bisnis II SBM ITB

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  • System of Linear Equations : Linear Functions and Mathematical Models, Intersection of Straight Lines, Linear systems in n variables, Gauss-Jordan method for system with unique solution, Gauss-Jordan method for overdetermined and underdetermined system
  • Matrices :Notations, Operations, Tanspositions, Special matrices, Determinant, Inverse Matrix Model Leontief, Eigen value/vector
  • Linear Programming :What is Linear Programming, The Decision Variable, The objective function, The constraints, A General Linear Programming Problem, Linear Programming Problem Formulation, Graphical Solution of Two-Variable Linear Programming Problem, Solution using Algebraic Method: Simplex for Standard Max Problem and Min Problem
  • Diference Equations :First Order, Linear, Autonomous Homogeneous, Nonhomogeneous and Price Adjustment Model, First Order, Linear, Autonomous Homogeneous, Nonhomogeneous and Price Adjustment Model
  • Interpolation :Polynomial Interpolation: Newton’s Divided Difference and Lagrange Methods
  • Basic Financial Mathematic :What is financial Mathematics, Time Value of Money, Common, Compounding Methods, Annuities, Ordinary Annuity, General Annuity, Amortirzation and Sinking Fund
  • Numerical Integral :Numerical

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