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  • Introduction to Statistics for Business and Management :Course schedule, syllabus, rule. Data classification, type of data, presenting data. Numerical descriptive measure
  • Probability :Basic probability, Conditional probability, Bayes’ Theorem
  • Discrete Probability :Binomial and Poisson distribution
  • Normal distribution :Continues probability distribution, normal distribution, evaluating normality
  • Sampling and sampling distribution :Sampling method and distribution
  • Estimation :Estimation for the mean ( known and unknown), determining sample size
  • Fundamental Hypothesis Testing :z-test for known standard deviation, t-test for unknown standard deviation, one-tail and two tail test, z-test for proportion
  • Two Sample Tests :Comparing the means of two independent and related population, comparing the proportions of two independent population.
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) :One Way ANOVA, Tukey-Kramer Procedure
  • Chi-Square Tests :Test for difference between two or more than two proportions, test for independence
  • Simple Linear Regression :Type of regression models, determine the linear regression equation, variance and inference of the slope, coefficient correlations
  • Group Project :Applied Statistics in Daily Life (video) Survey

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