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  • Course Overview:

Statistical concepts are frequently used in economics, social sciences, and business. Statistics for Economic and Business is an introduction to these widely used concepts intended to give the student a better understanding in data presentation and analysis as well as the probabilistic nature of events and how statistics can be used to conduct inferences regarding population. After completing this course, students should feel much more comfortable reading about economics, social sciences, and business, as they will be able to critically evaluate such readings using the knowledge of statistics gained in this course.

  • Daftar Topik:

Introduction, Descriptive Analysis I, Central Tendencies & Dispersion, Displaying and
Exploring Data, Index Numbers, Probability Concepts, Probability Distribution, Discrete Distributions, Continuous Distribution, Sampling Distribution, Inferential Statistics: Interval Estimation, Hypothesis Testing

  • Daftar Sub Topik:

 What is Statistics
 Statistics definitions and notation
 type of dataDescriptive Analysis I:
 Frequencies distribution
 Classification of variablesCentral Tendencies & Dispersion
 Arithmetic mean, geometric mean,
median, mode, weighted arithmetic mean
 Standard Deviation and variance
 Coefficient of Variation
 Quartile, Decile, and PercentileDescriptive Analysis II: Displaying and
Exploring Data
 Dot plots
 Stem-and-Leaf Displays
 Box Plots
 Outliers
 Scatter Diagram
 Contingency Table Index Numbers
 Simple Index, Aggregate Index
 Weighted Indexes: Laspayres’ Price Index,
Paasche’s Price Index and Fisher’s Ideal Index
 Nominal and real value
 Changing the base year
 Economic Application Probability Concepts
 Probability Rules
 Basic Concept of Probability, permutation and
 Joint Probability
 Conditional Probability
 Expected value
 Tree Diagram Probability Distribution
 Random Variables and Discrete Probability
 Mean and Variance of Probability Distribution
 Binomial Probability Distribution Discrete Distributions
 Poisson Probability Distribution Continuous Distribution
 Uniform Distribution
 Normal Probability Distribution
 Normal Probability Distribution as
approximation of Binomial and Poisson
Probability Distribution Sampling Distribution
 Introductions to Sampling Methods
 Introductions to Sampling Distributions
 Sampling Distributions of the sample Mean
 Sampling Distributions of the sample
Proportion Introduction to inferential statistics (mean and
i. Point estimation
ii. interval estimation Hypothesis Testing
 Hypothesis-Testing Procedure
 Hypothesis Testing of Arithmetic Mean
 Hypothesis Testing of Proportion
 Type I and type II errors
 Final review
 Graphs for data presentation

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